Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pumpkin Cup-Cake

Monday was a really bad day.  The day was dragging & so were the bags under my eyes and my patience.  I can't even really pinpoint what was bad, it was just not working.  It was a day where I just wanted to go back to bed and have a do-over but mamas don't get do-overs......we get cake ;-)  So I made myself this super festive fall cake and I tackled the rest of the day like a bosssss.Pumpkin Cup-Cake- Life with the HawleysFrom the Kitchen of Darby Hawley
1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
4 tbsp organic pumpkin puree
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp organic maple syrup (not cane syrup)
1 eggs
powdered sugarDSC_0394
1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
2. Pour into TWO greased coffee mugs (microwave safe of course) & cook for 2 minutes in the microwave.
3. Sprinkle with powdered sugar (and some more maple syrup)
4. Enjoy!DSC_0406DSC_0409-2
xoxo Darby

Monday, October 16, 2017

Science Letters

As a lover of the sciences, and neuroscientist myself, I try my best to incorporate science & as many hands-on activities as I can into our homeschooling.  We've been doing "a letter a week" in two week units since about May and I've been looking for science activities to do that match up with each letter.  Over the summer I got a new book and it has been such a great resource.  Let me tell you about it!Science & Letters- Life with the Hawleys- 2
Hawley Homeschool
This book is filled with science projects of varying degrees.  There are more simple variations for preschoolers, but there are also more complex options for older children.  I have started saving these activities to do when the Mr. is home so that we can all participate in the fun (and I have more adults to help me hehe).  We will sometimes do them in the evenings or on the weekends.  I'm finding that my husband really looks forward to doing an educational activity like this and so it really is a fun family project.
What I do is select 2-3 ideas to go with each unit, which again is 2 weeks for us.  When we were working on the letter 'C' I selected growing Crystals & painting Coffee filters. 
We did these during Hurricane Harvey when we were stuck at home for about 2 weeks and this really helped with cabin fever!DSC_0120DSC_0122

These really were easy & fun for everyone to watch throughout the week and allowed us to talk about our letters while doing something with our hands.  Sometimes when we're working with our hands it allows for a lot of organic conversation, so just talking about letters & practicing the phonetics of each letter is much easier during an activity.  I highly recommend this book of science activities (get here stat!)Science & Letters- Life with the Hawleys- 1
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, I just really like the brand.
xoxo Darby

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sometimes When I'm Afraid......

I think I'll just let this one speak for itself.  Sometimes the simplest words really are the best ones.
xoxo Darby

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Transition to Fall {Fashion Edition}

What is the weather like where you are right now?  In Houston, it is still hot!  Like this-is-not-fall-weather HOT! And that makes it really hard to find clothes that make me feel like it's not the summer, but are still fall-ey (did I just make up a new word?) and breathable.  Enter this perfect fall dress from PinkBlush! I refuse to tell you how many times I have worn this dress in the week and a half that I've owned it; it's too embarrassing lol  I love how easy this dress is to wear.  I just throw on and go.  I've been able to dress it up in heels for church but also throw on a hat and some tennis shoes and do my grocery shopping #momlife.  It has the perfect fall olive color, and even a nice lining for when it does get cooler, but is also nice and refreshing while the weather is still warm.  I love the knotted hole in the back and the lace details on the sleeves.  Being a mama with two littles, I will take anything that makes me feel pretty and like I have it together while I'm running groceries & pretending it is actually fall.  DSC_0586-220170930_141844-2DSC_0081-2
Dress: c/o ShopPinkBlush
What are your favorite transitional pieces this season?
xoxo Darby

Monday, October 9, 2017

13 *MORE* For Fall

Every season I say to myself, "Darby we have enough books for this season, we don't need anymore." And we ALL know that has no effect on me.  It's a hopeless cause.  So needless to say, despite the fact that "we have enough books", I still purchased FIVE more for this fall and wrote a post for you about them.  But then I ordered EIGHT more, and I had to add them to this post over the weekend! Sorry, not sorry hehe These are really GOOD ones so I have to share them with you. 

***I have written this post THREE times this season.  At first I wrote it to add 5 books, then I ordered 8 more books, and then I remembered I had 3 more coming......So this post should be 16 more!***
If you ignore all of the rest, get this one.  This Parable Treasury has four awesome stories with verses of scripture added to them that you can read through all the seasons. This one is a major winner!
Pilgrims of Plymouth ~ Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie 
The Thank You Dish
What are your favorite books for the season?
Do you have some more that "I just have to have"?!

Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, I just really like to buy books for my kids.  If someone wants to start paying me to shop for books, I will gladly take the money ;-)
xoxo Darby

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall Patterns (+ FREE Download)

This was a completely accidental activity that turned into something really fun & festive (and of course educational).  Don't you love those kinds of accidents?! I have been doing a lot of fall themed activities with Dutch, and I have been meaning to review patterns again but we keep running out of time.  The other day all of our fall items were pulled out & it just hit me that I should use these to practice patterns again.  Yes it seems obvious but it took a couple cups of coffee to become apparent to me :-/Fall Pattern Practice- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool

I already had this pattern set downloaded because we used it in the spring (I want to say that I already blogged about it.  But, if I didn't I meant to lol).  It's really versatile so go ahead and download it here!

I already had all of these little fall items in my box of fall decorations but I'm sure you could find things like these at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  I used felt acorns, plastic pumpkins, acorns & leaves.  I started the patterns & let Dutch finish them, and then I let him create some patterns for me to finish.  It was really fun and he enjoyed it. He really liked to play teacher for me heheDSC_0448DSC_0451


Isn't that such a fan hands-on activity to practice patterns while talking about fall?  Try it with your little one & let me know what y'all think :-)

xoxo Darby

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Cork Art

We have used corks before for Valentine's Day crafts & I thought it was time to pull them all out again for some fall crafts. Let me share some ideas with you for cork art during fall.Fall Cork Art- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool

All you need are corks, paint, & paper; it really doesn't get simpler than that.  We have used the corks to make tress with leaves to illustrate the books that we are reading.Fall Cork Art- Life with the Hawleys-2

We have also used these corks instead of our dot markers just to switch things up while we're working on fine motor skills.   These corks work great for counters also (i.e. counting fall objects like squirrels and pumpkins).DSC_0316DSC_0320DSC_0337

See super easy & fun, and just a little bit messy :-)

xoxo Darby

Monday, October 2, 2017

Pumpkin Pie Book Art

In order to assess how much is being retained, I like to always do some kind of hands-on craft/activity after we read a book to discuss the book & somehow bring the content to life.  I like to see what my kids learned from the story, & hear about what they thought about it. 

What was their favorite part? What character was acting silly? Was there something they didn't understand? 

After we read the book, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, we made our own "pumpkin pie" while we discussed all of the funny things that the Old Lady in the story ate.  Pumpkin Pie Book Art- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool

This really was a super simple way to talk about the silly lady.  We used construction paper, cotton balls, & plastic forks.  Now that I think about it, I missed an opportunity here to talk about setting the table.  Maybe next time heheDSC_0129DSC_0143 (2)

xoxo Darby

Friday, September 29, 2017

Dump Truck Pumpkin Counting + *Free* Download

I mean, come on, who doesn't love a *FREE* download? AND a free download for fall????!!! Double win!  Last week I shared 5 free counting activities and this Dump Truck was one of them.  Well I took that dump truck and we filled it with FALL! Check it out!Dump Truck Pumpkin Counting- Life with the HawleysHawley Homeschool
This is a fun dump truck with number cards 1-20.  I hold up the cards, with the numbers towards me and the back of the cards facing Dutch, so he can pick a number.  He puts it on the corresponding square on the dump truck and then he starts adding and counting his pumpkins.  This is such a fun & festive way to work on our math.DSC_0167-2
To keep this exciting and fresh, we switch up the items that we're counting & adding into our dump truck.  We also use pine cones & acorns.  I'm certain that you could get acorns from your yard or purchase faux versions of these at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.DSC_0155DSC_0165-2
Isn't that so cute???  Goodness I love having fun in the classroom with my littes!
xoxo Darby

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Textures & Shapes of Fall

Acorns, pumpkins, leaves, ghords....... there are SO many different textures of fall!  And this fall-fan wants to celebrate ALL of them :-)Textures & Shapes of Fall- Life with the Hawleys- 1Hawley Homeschool
I went through my box of fall decorations & pulled out a few things that I could bring into our homeschool room to talk about the fall.  I had some felt acorns, pumpkins, plastic acorns, pine cones, & plastic leaves.  I'm sure you could find something like this at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. DSC_0161-2DSC_0165-2
I honestly dumped all of the items into a big pile & got Dutch to sort them into their own baskets.  He loved to hold each item, and takes great responsibility in sorting them into their own baskets.  We talk about the colors and the shapes and how each item feels in his hands.  This is great vocabulary work surrounding not just fall, but colors and shapes and textures.DSC_0152DSC_0153
If you can't tell, we're really enjoying fall in our home classroom! What are y'all doing to learn about fall???
xoxo Darby

Monday, September 25, 2017

Festive Fall Leaf Sorting

I think with each season there are so many new opportunities to add excitement into our classrooms.  This week I've got a few fall activities to share with you that I'm really excited about.  Today I'm talking about colors :-)  While I have done this color sorting task many times with just objects around our house and we are pretty good at colors these days, this was a fun NEW way to keep those little hands busy with an activity so we could TALK about the implications of colors changing with the seasons.Festive Fall Leaves Color Sorting- Life with the Hawleys- 1
Hawley Homeschool
This is really an easy activity for mama/teacher to prepare.  I just used some construction paper and wrote the color on top.  I had some fabric leaves in my fall decorations box and so as I was decorating our home for fall I had Dutch sort the colors of the leaves to the corresponding paper.  I mean this is so simple!DSC_0140
DSC_0142I find that when little hands are busy doing a activity, their minds are primed to be poured into.  So as he was sorting these leaves by color we had the perfect opportunity to talk about why leaves change and typical scenes associated with fall.  After a while I also found that I had these small plastic leaves and so I got him to sort these leaves by colors also.  This is super versatile activity so you can just use what you have.DSC_0159
He was so precious sorting his leaves in his fall hat...which looks like a Harry Potter Sorting Hat, right???DSC_0144
DSC_0147He was so pleased with himself & had such a good time talking with mama about fall and leaves.DSC_0148
I encourage you to try this with your little one!  Please tell me how you're celebrating the season with your little ones!
xoxo Darby
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